I have an interest form open for a limited-run 2024 SciFi Romance anthology for less explicit stories. The response form is open now and I'll begin reaching out to interested parties in August.

The goal of this anthology will be audience building and author networking. Established and budding authors welcome. Co-authors welcome. My goal is to help connect like authors together and utilize each others' strengths. 

Heat Levels Welcome: Clean, Sweet, or Warm per the Sweet Savage Flame’s guide for 6 Heat Levels in Romances

Word count: 20,000-30,000

Anticipated Manuscript Deadline: Q2 2024

Anticipated Publication: Q3 2024

There will be a buy-in based on budget, which will have some group input to ensure it's as affordable as possible. Budget will include cover design, publishing costs, marketing, and other costs. 

Participants should be prepared to cover their own editing costs to ensure a polished and professional product. 



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