Written By Tandy

Drifting Into Desire

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Betrayed and abandoned, I find myself drifting toward certain death. I've never regretted my alien abduction, in fact, I love the life I've built for myself in outer space. But it’s all coming to an end, and as I grow colder and colder, there’s only one person in all the universe I wish I could see again . . .



The reckless little human has stolen a lot of things since she has bombarded into my life, and I can admit that one of those things is my heart. I have busted her out of dicey situations before and am willing to risk my lifelong military career with the Galactic Alliance to do it again . . . But can I get to her in time?

My Not-So-Secret Alien Santa: An Ashanthian Holiday Romance


I thought signing up to work directly for the G.E.C.O.M. program would bring me adventure and a chance to see new worlds.

Instead, got stuck with a desk job and the galaxy’s grumpiest boss. Thovin, an Ashanthian with giant wings and pitch-black eyes, always manages to find some last-minute work that makes me stay late. Good thing he’s easy on the eye.

One day, he tells me the council overseeing our work has been spying on my conversations with other human abductees. They’ve read our messages coordinating this cycle’s cross-galaxy Secret Santa (Is nothing sacred?!) and want me to teach the office how to play as a way to highlight Earthen culture.

It’s the last straw. I quit. There's got to be something more meaningful out there.

Then Thovin shows up at my apartment, all dressed in red and claiming to be my Secret Santa. He wants to take me away from Osmatti Central Station overnight so I can help him “find my gift,” whatever that means. A little adventure is awfully tempting, even if it involves my hot ex-boss.

It’s just a quick trip with a handsome Ashanthian dressed like Santa. What could go wrong?

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